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本・雑誌 New Internationalist(ニューインターナショナリスト)英語版
本・雑誌内容 1973年にイギリスで創刊された国際情報誌です。政治、社会、環境、人権など幅 広いテーマで世界の現実、草の根レベルの人々の声、解決に向けた動きを発信し ます。単に問題や課題だけでなく、より良い社会に向けて世界で、あるいは地域 で行われている取り組みや活動も紹介し、主流メディアの一歩先をいくオルタナ ティブを模索、提案しています。日本も含めた世界の将来が気になるという一般 の方から、最新の世界の動きや取り組みを知っておきたいという会社員、研究者、 教員、学生、NGO/NPO、ジャーナリストの方まで、幅広い方々にご活用いただいて います。
本・雑誌内容詳細 The Big story: Media

10 A better media is possible
Out of the current crisis, a more hopeful vision is emerging,
argues Vanessa Baird.
14 Blueprint for a better media – 11 strategies for change
16 Fighting Mr Fake
How editor Maria Ressa took on the president of the
Philippines. Iris Gonzales tells the story.
18 Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies…
The strange mutations of ‘fake news’.
19 The selfish giants
Laura Basu on how media ownership is getting more
concentrated – and what to do about it.
22 Who elected Facebook?
Turning tech giants into mega-censors is not such a smart
move, explains Jillian York.
24 Malware for humans
JJ Patrick delves into the murky world of big data, cyberwar
and disinformation.

Stories making the news this month
6 Anti-Muslim riots in Sri Lanka
6 Life after Zuma
7 Beirut: Paris of the Middle East?
7 Ethiopia’s new reforming PM
7 Victory for UK school data
8 Learning to swim in Zanzibar
8 Lukodi massacre museum
9 Secular values vs ‘Love Jihad’
9 Rightwing boxer knocked out
PLUS: Scratchy Lines by Simon Kneebone and
Reasons to be Cheerful.

34 One belt, one road
Wayne Ellwood examines the economic and political
ramifications of China’s dazzlingly ambitious Belt and Road
PLUS: Open Window, with guest cartoonist Pedro X Molina
from Nicaragua.

33 Kate Smurthwaite Why you can teach funny.
PLUS: Polyp’s Big Bad World.
37 Mark Engler In praise of White House dysfunction.

Mixed media
28 Film reviews
The Ciambra directed and written by Jonas Carpignano;
In the Fade directed and co-written by Fatih Akin.
29 Music reviews
Remain in Light by Angélique Kidjo; Voice of Resistance
by Rim Banna.
30 Book reviews
Behold, America by Sarah Churchwell; Disoriental by
Négar Djavadi; A History of the World in Seven Cheap
Things by Raj Patel and Jason W Moore; The Empire’s
New Clothes by Philip Murphy.
PLUS: Also out there…

4 Letters
5 Letter from Marabá
Dan Baron Cohen writes from Cabelo Seco, where news
of former president Lula’s sentencing has stirred waves of
anxiety and indignation.
26 Country Profile: Costa Rica
32 Making Waves
Blind outdoors enthusiast, Divyanshu Ganatra, on
the importance of inclusion through adventure sports in
India. Profile by Priti Salian.
38 And Finally
Famous for his portrait of the green-eyed ‘Afghan Girl’,
photographer Steve McCurry speaks to Graeme Green
about Afghanistan, America and human vs animal nature.
39 Puzzle page
PLUS: Marc Roberts’ Only Planet cartoon.
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